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i need i want i will

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the rules for applicants
+ in order to become part of this community, you must first join the community. Second, fill out the application below and post it in a new entry BEHIND AN LJ-CUT.
+ for the subject, put "i'm so ___." replace the blank with an adjective that describes you beginning with the letter 'r'. this is so we know you have read the rules.
+ if you have an application pending, you may not comment on anyone else's entries, or create a new entry.
+ you must be 13 or older to apply.
+ if you are rejected, you can reapply as many times as you want.
+ guys are welcome to join as well as girls.
+ you must apply within 48 hours of joining.
+ if you can't take the criticism, don't apply.
+ dOn'T tYpE LyKe DiS...seriously, it bugs the crap out of us and we will have to kill you.
+ don't leave the community until you have been stamped.

the rules for accepted members
+ you may post whatever you like; pictures, poetry, colorbars, whore other communities, banners, icons, thoughts, ANYTHING. be creative and have fun.
+ pictures and long entries must be put behind an lj-cut, please.
+ stay active or you'll be removed from the community.
+ pLz DoN'T tyPe lYkE dIs...correct grammar is your friend. :)
+ be as honest as you want.
+ if you decide to leave the community, please make a post stating so.

points system
+ text post; 2 points.
+ promotions; 2 points per link.
+ participation in theme; 3 points.
+ picture post; 5 points.
+ making accepted/rejected/promotion banners; 5 points per banner.

+ for every 15 points you get, you will get 1 auto-accept/reject.
+ the member that has the most points by the end of the month, is 'member of the month'.
+ 'members of the month' get their picture and a small bio in the user info and a banner.

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AIM: punkfighterchick
e-mail: punkfighterchick@aol.com

AIM: turnstochaos
e-mail: turnstochaos@yahoo.com

e-mail: pshycoprincess@hotmail.com


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red_space_boots -- for not posting an application.
tvqueen616 -- for not leaving after being rejected.
youlookuhh -- for deciding to post entries without even applying.

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none right now.


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As of right now there are 4 different applications you can choose from when applying.


LOOKS APPLICATION -- if you choose this application, you will be voted on your pictures.

PERSONALITY APPLICATION -- it's slightly longer than the other applications, but you are voted only on your personality. no pictures required.

IMAGE APPLICATION -- answer all questions by posting only icons and/or small pictures.

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promotion banners can be found here.

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stamps can be found here.

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If you would like your community to be an affiliate, leave a comment here.

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The I Need I Want I Will star for the
month of November is
Due to inactivness, we don't ahve a member of the month... it will start back up when we get a few more member and people post some more.

+ Layout by: guardiegurl08.
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